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The webservice is for free!! The only thing to do is: Register for a group admin account! You get your access within 24 hours.

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Wapp - The 'where are the pilots' app for Android and iPhone. Get your pilots quick - before sunset!


Brazil - Quixada Adventure 29 th October until 29 th November 2016

Quixada Brazil Breeza Plains Australia Breeza Plains Retrieve Australia Quixada Brazil Alfredo Studer


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Livetracking Examples

Photo by: Burkart Martens
Quixada Brazil XC flying in Quixada, Brazil. 380km + filghts. No cellphone reception and early sunset. No chance to find a pilot in the dark. Retrieve must be there short after landing.
Photo by: Petra Zellweger
Competition XC Open competition in Piedrahita Spain. Last task, 68 km from takeoff. The pilot has to be back to the headquarter by time. Quick retrieve is needed!
Photo by: Petra Zellweger
Switzerland Flying the big FAI triangles in Switzerland? And yes, the livetracking is on! No problem to locate my position and to see where I fly. I' am on track for my next personal best!
Photo by: Petra Zellweger
Australia A car full of pilots in Australia. There is always room for one more... But if all have had the livetracking on, more cars would be around.


The webservice is for free!! The only thing to do is (...if you don't know other pilots with an account/or you would like to start an own): Register for a group admin account! You get your access within 24 hours.

It is useful for paraglider pilots, hanglider pilots or other pilot groups who have "SPOT Satellite GPS Messengers" (or "SPOT Connect Devices") DeLorme Satellite Trackers and Flymaster. On the webpage "wherearethepilots.com" you can present all the live tracks of your group on one single webpage. This is not possible with your personal tracker account - on "wherearethepilots.com" you can manage all links from your group and bring the whole group or several smaller teams on one single Google Maps page.

DEMO livetracking


Your sponsoring money gives us the drive to develop more features on wherearethepilots.com and for the app. However it will never covers our programming costs... it gives us the input from you and your ideas to provide a great service, for example at competitions. Read more...